Why Teenage Boys are Told Not to Feel, and Why That’s So Wrong

This week’s post features words from upcoming Irish author Dave Rudden, whose novel Knights of the Borrowed Dark will be released in August of this year. I was delighted and gratified to find his work because not only does the story sound like a really good read, it also resonates with many themes that I think are so vital for children’s literature. One of the most important, particularly for the book that I’m currently querying, is the recognition that boys are raised with an unhealthy and impossible expectation to be stoic and nearly emotionless, told that a man is always strong and does not allow himself weakness of any kind.

I’ll chime in with some of my own thoughts on the subject soon, but for now, I’ll direct you to Mr. Rudden’s far superior words published in The GuardianWhy Teenage Boys are Told Not to Feel, and Why That’s So Wrong.

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