Special Delivery

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and in the spirit of celebrating, I decided to join in on  Susanna Leonard Hill’s Valentiny Writing Contest. The prompt asks writers to tell a hopeful Valentine story for kids either in poetry or prose in 214 words or less.

I thought I’d try my hand with some rhyming couplets–hope you enjoy it! Here’s Special Delivery (214 words).

Special Delivery

Risa’s wishes were flowers and red-wrapped candy,

but her mom’s weren’t chocolate like she thought they’d be.

She stirred stew on the stove as steam rose and curled.

“My girl,” she said, “I wish for more kindness in the world.”


Risa knew right away this would be hard.

Kindness wasn’t sold at the store. It didn’t fit in a card.

How much did it cost? Where did it come from?

To give this perfect gift, she’d just have to make some.


Time was short—valentines were her best chance.

She started by asking her dog for a dance.

Together, they gave laughs to everyone who passed,

and he gave her a big wet kiss at the very last.


She set out to put her best hearts all over town.

The first went to a friend with a frown.

She tucked them in bicycle spokes and loose shoes,

and dropped one in a hat for the man singing blues.


There was one for the new girl down the street,

a note under the door hoping they’d meet.

One went to the kid they said was scary and tough.

She was tired and happy, but was it enough?


She had nothing to wrap but her arms real tight,

and her mom whispered it was just right.




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