A Fan-tastic Day

This week I’m featuring an article my sister wrote for Talk Magazine, a great blog that discusses art in all of its many forms. Her essay focuses on a lesser known art, the art of cosplay, or the creation of costumes and the performance art of wearing them. My sister and I competed in the cosplay contest during this year’s Denver Comic Con. Her article talks about that experience, as well as some of the fun and challenge of cosplay. Enjoy!

Talk Magazine

By Jacqueline Peveto

I am a cosplayer. My tools are grommets, super glue, papier-mâché and anything else that might not fit into your average conception of a sewing kit. I spend hours hunching over fabric, ripping out miles of seams, and brainstorming ways to defy physics. When I step onto the floor of the convention hall, I wear a disguise that tells everyone exactly who I am.

jackie comic con Photo by Ariane Peveto

The word cosplay, a portmanteau of “costume” and “play,” is much more than a Halloween costume or dressing up. When someone builds a cosplay and wears it, it speaks to who she is, what kind of person she wants to be. A cosplayer’s job is to become a character. To put on not only that character’s clothes, but also mannerisms and demeanor.

There is a huge difference between buying a bagged costume and creating a functioning set of angel…

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