Special Delivery

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and in the spirit of celebrating, I decided to join in on  Susanna Leonard Hill’s Valentiny Writing Contest. The prompt asks writers to tell a hopeful Valentine story for kids either in poetry or prose in 214 words or less. I thought I'd try my hand with some rhyming couplets--hope you enjoy … Continue reading Special Delivery

Memory: What We Keep and What We Lose

Another spring break has come and gone, and it’s gone by in the usual fashion, filled up to the brim with projects and gardening. My mother makes a tradition of going out to see her mother whenever she can break away during spring break, and, having the time, I decided to join her for the … Continue reading Memory: What We Keep and What We Lose


August has blown in, bringing with it the opportunity to wear both my summer and winter wardrobe, sometimes on the same day. And because August has both National Sisters’ Day and my sister’s birthday, I thought I would write about that particular loveliness in my life. My sister is very much like me. We both … Continue reading Sisters