Special Delivery

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and in the spirit of celebrating, I decided to join in on  Susanna Leonard Hill’s Valentiny Writing Contest. The prompt asks writers to tell a hopeful Valentine story for kids either in poetry or prose in 214 words or less. I thought I'd try my hand with some rhyming couplets--hope you enjoy … Continue reading Special Delivery


Please, Don’t Learn This Language

I didn’t want to see the image Kathy Griffin is now infamous for, but there it was on my news feed, vivid and uncensored. Even as the headline asked me to make my own judgment about whether this photograph could be art, valid political statement, or something else entirely, I was already looking away. I … Continue reading Please, Don’t Learn This Language

Why Teenage Boys are Told Not to Feel, and Why That’s So Wrong

This week's post features words from upcoming Irish author Dave Rudden, whose novel Knights of the Borrowed Dark will be released in August of this year. I was delighted and gratified to find his work because not only does the story sound like a really good read, it also resonates with many themes that I think are … Continue reading Why Teenage Boys are Told Not to Feel, and Why That’s So Wrong