About Me

Bio PicHello! My name is Ariane. It’s nice to meet you.

By day, I am a freelance writer and editor. If you’re interested in what I can do for you, please see my website. But otherwise, this blog is where I put thoughts about things outside of the business side of words.

Aside from writing and editing, I’m a passionate student of life who is always willing to develop new interests even though I keep busy enough as a costume seamstress, baker, cake decorator, scrapbooker, artist, and paper enthusiast. You can read about some of those adventures on my blog.

Whether we have met in person or are meeting online for the first time, feel free to make yourself at home. This is a blog about stories and all the bits and bobs that go into them–writing, baking, art, random encounters, long road trips, seeing new places and old ones, monsters, wrong turns, wonder…You know. Life.

Currently, I’m pursuing publication for my novel, The Words We Know and Love. You can read about my other story, Still Dreaming here, too!



Unless noted otherwise (such as screenshots from movies, etc.), all pictures on this site are photos I have taken. Please do not use them without permission!


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