About the Novel

Still Dreaming is my first novel–living in hopes of publication!

Knee-deep in the shattered bricks and rusted engines of the city floor, seventeen-year-old Ransom has scrapped together a living and a family: Cinder, a live-wire spark of a boy, and his quiet best friend, Frost. To protect them, Ransom believes he needs to be independent, fearless, and strong. He’ll hide his doubts, and no one will know he’s about to break.

Then Ransom’s reality shatters. Shadowy monsters from the stories of childhood kidnap Cinder, forcing an impossible exchange. What they want Ransom can’t give: a key he hasn’t found. To steal the boy back, he and Frost plunge into a great unknown, the abandoned heart of the city. For the first time, he must decide who he is and what he believes, not simply to survive, but to live. That choice could destroy monsters—and save his family.


To read more about it, check out these blog posts!


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