Still Dreaming is my first novel–living in hopes of publication!

Ransom’s memories begin six years ago on the day he was stranded in Deepest Sleep, the city floor of a stacked metropolis where Nightmares roam the streets like wolves. He doesn’t have time for dreams—stories and hopes won’t tell him who he is. Quick reflexes and a good light will keep him alive and help him protect his friends. Struggling to lead their makeshift family, he hides his losing battle against doubt and loneliness.

What Ransom doesn’t know is that reality and stories overlap. It’s easy to believe in nightmares, but it’s harder to believe in dreams. When fabled monsters called the Insomnus kidnap Ransom’s little brother, he is forced to plunge into danger and dreams to keep his family, and himself, from being torn apart. Following the monsters into the abandoned heart of the city, Ransom must decide who he is to keep from becoming one. He finds himself in a library in a world without books, in a garden beneath an urban maze, and in friendships.

But he also discovers something else that he didn’t expect—the Insomnus need him.

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